Products and technologies

Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance entered a new era: this technology is becoming increasingly available for everybody, and not only for security purposes. EYESWISS SA was one of the first companies in the Ticino area to provide its public-sector customers with video surveillance systems to display the cameras on Tablets and Smartphones.
This way, you can keep a visual contact with all cameras from any position, assuring precise and immediate information to people in charge of managing specific situations, thus speeding up assistance times.
In terms of high security, we also provide video surveillance systems with facial biometric identification, that is, face recognition systems which are used in highly crowded areas (airports, railway stations, etc…) and are based on the use of remote video-cameras to identify and monitor people.

Intrusion detection systems

Thanks to the experience of our consultants, our mission is to provide high-quality intrusion-detection devices, which are simple to use and characterised by innovatory performance. By means of the achieved technological skill and the professionalism of its human resources, EYESWISS SA aims at increasing its own range of products, directing its efforts towards development and innovation of new technologies.

Video entry control systems

EYESWISS SA can provide a comprehensive range of products for entry and video entry control systems, which are characterised by an exclusive design and innovatory technology. In addition, they combine advanced performance with maximum simplicity of installation and use. The systems are extremely flexible and meet different installation needs in terms of size and required performance level, thus being suitable for single-family dwellings, as well as for larger housing estates.


EYESWISS SA provides a reliable and safe domotic system, which can always assure the possibility to use your systems even when you are far from home.
An open system which allows interfacing and streamlining all systems of your house or company without ever interrupting their control.
A single built-in automation system can allow the total protection of your house or any other area against intruders or possible failures, fires, gas and water leakages.
Thanks to customised settings, you can simultaneously activate different control devices (such as cameras, detection sensors and alarms) or simulate the presence of people inside a building (by switching on the TV, the lights, …) in order dissuade possible intruders.